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No, Once your hot water service leaks like this. The cylinder has blown up and cannot be fixed it would need a new unit.

Your hot water system may have a dial outside near the hot water to turn the water temperature up or down but remember scolding is serious issue with children be careful not to set too high. 

We use various tools to analyse your drain with camera CCTV technology being the 1st Call. 

Continuous hot water systems work by water passing across an ignited heat exchanger device on an electric element, continuous hot water system are very economical.

Every Instant boiling water system should be fitted with safety device so children cannot get burnt or scolded.

A common toilet blockage starts exactly like this, your sewage lines are blocked.

You will need a new thermocouple or burner control in your hot water, common parts in hot water services.

By putting a camera in your drain to see exactly what the issue is.

You need to know whether or not it is coming from before the meter or after the meter if it is from the meter it’s your issue if it is before the meter it’s a city west water issue.

While it may seem that showers or baths use large amounts of water, the toilet typically uses the most water in the home. This is because used most frequently. Keep your water bill low by ensuring that all toilets are running properly, with no leaks. Also installing Underground tank reduce water bill dramatically.